October 22, 2006 ; 2:08 am

I know people have been bugging me to post this up and all that stuff, so here it is: My Christmas Wishlist. Please note that it is subject to change. Also: Gotchic 3 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. One of these items will be removed when Gothic 3 comes out. It all depends on which gets better reviews or I like more in the demo. :)

Here is the list: Wish List

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September 26, 2006 ; 2:04 pm

Right, so I yanked this meme from Crystal, Kassy and Ella. It should be called "What Josh Thinks He Heard." You get brownie points for figuring out the song and correcting the lyrics! Yaaay! Also. Have fun with the last three! =D

What Josh Thinks He heardCollapse )

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June 30, 2006 ; 4:55 pm
mood: hot

So, yeah. I'm in St. Petersburg, Florida now. The drive was long. The move is going relatively smoothly, but... I'll make another update later.

I have a new cellphone number: 727-348-4654

The old cellphone number will still work for a little while.

Uhm. There was something- Oh, yes. I'll not have internet access until Tuesday the 12th, so... all of you won't see me until then!

Bigger update on the 12th!

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May 15, 2006 ; 4:10 pm
mood: cheerful

It's been a few weeks since I've posted, once again. I never seem to be able to consisently update this journal, but those of you that actually read this generally know how my life is going.

For starters, I've been on a diet with Ella for the past few weeks and overall, I am pleased with the result. So far I have lost 10 pounds, which means I only have 25 more to go. The pounds will melt faster once I actually get into a consistent workout pattern. I have been doing calisthenics (push-ups & stomach crunches), but I know I need to add some cardiovascular excercises. Maybe it's time to pull out the DDR pad once again. xD

I should also actually start going to the gym so I can do some strength training, as muscle does burn fat by just being there. Anybody have any good strength training regimens? Otherwise, I'll prolly just have to work one out with a trainer at the gym. I have a stocky build and I think it'd look good if it actually carried muscle rather than just fat.

In other news, the application process for USF is going relatively smoothly. I've got transcripts on the way and the general application is filled out. I also have three professors willing to write me a recommendation. Dr. Smith from Denison is one I worked with on my summer research. Another is Dr. Schultz, who was just a great professor and I think he enjoyed having me in his classes. Finally, Dr. Hamilton's recommendation will be an important one as he was not only one of my graduate professors here at APSU, but I also worked under him. So, I think his and Dr. Smith's recommendations will go a long way. I still need to retake the GRE and write my essay. I need to study my ass for the former because I really want to kick that thing's ass.

Ella and I are going to be heading down to Florida in a few days with a short stopover in Georgia. I have a meeting with two professors at the University of South Florida.. hopefully they'll be willing to be my mentors. We're also going to be searching for an apartment and hopefully have an official decision made by the time we live. A move-in date is a v. good thing. We'll also be bringing Lauren back up with us to experience the craziness that is Clarksville, TN! ... Riight.

Last but not most certainly not least, yesterday was the one year anniversary of my relationship with Ella. I find it hard to believe that year has already past and a lot has happened. Throughout all that has happened, I am happy, lucky, blessed... (you name it!) to have Ella in an intimate part of my life.

Okay. I need to get back to work and sort out some more bugs. Such tedious work, but hey, at least I'm getting paid for it.

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May 1, 2006 ; 12:57 pm
mood: hungry

Just finished my first final a few minutes ago, which was in Biostatistics. I think I did pretty well. Hopefully, I got at least 90% overall, since I would really like to get an A in that class. My next final is actually at 4:00 rather 1:30 as I originally thought. Which is good, actually. That means I can eat my lunch while reviewing for the lab quiz. Then I think I'm going to head back to the apartment for a little while and either watch some Doctor Who or take a nap.

I failed to mention it earlier, but I am currently on a diet. I have been for a week now and I've lost a total of four pounds and some inches. This number would have been higher had I actually been excercising like I should have. Tonight before dinner, I am going to do a pyramid workout. Overtime that should build up some muscle mass... but I still need to work in some cardio. I had considered Dance Dance Revolution, but it's not consistent enough. I heard there is an endless mode or something of the like in the game, so if I can find that, then I will consider it. Otherwise, maybe I should just suck it up and do some running/walking.

This week the portions in our diet increase, but I'm not sure I want them to. In fact, after eating breakfast I surprisingly felt almost too full but not quite. But that's a good thing. The thought of overeating isn't nearly as appealing as it used to be. I've also not cheated a single time, and I am quite proud of myself for that. It really does help that I am doing this diet with Ella so that we can give each other support.

Okay. Back to eating and reviewing for the final ID quiz in aquatic macroinvertebrates.

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April 30, 2006 ; 9:49 am
Gwar! Finals!
mood: determined

Ahg. I hate finals! I solute all fellow students who are marching into battle or have already done so. We shall prevail! We shall conquer!

In other news, thanks to Lauren and Ella, I have been watching Doctor Who. It has its moments of classical British humor which can be somewhat difficult to understand, but it is a great show. I am enjoying it very much and I look forward to watching more of it tonight when I am done studying for the day. Which I hope will come sooner than I think... Yes. Yeeees.

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April 19, 2006 ; 2:30 pm
mood: enraged

This just seems to be the day to royally piss me off. First I find out something about a personal friend that pisses me off and ranted about that. And then today in Hamilton's lab, Ben comes in on Craig's blessing. Ben is a fellow graduate student who is loud, obnoxious and extremely juvenile. Craig is an older graduate student who is graduating in a few weeks. Craig also seems to want to bed with Ben because he is always doing Ben favors and being all touchy feely. Ben, of course, is milking the cow for all its worth.

Just... Gwar. Ben was like a bull in a china shop in the lab. Knocked over some of my vials holding some of my bug specimens, tossed forceps around and was just generally a pain in the ass. Add to the fact that he is extremely little patience to sit down and actually FUCKING WORK on the damn bug project without getting up and randomly leaving or asking me for help on the simplest things. I finally just... blew up him and chased him out of the lab.

GWAAAAAAR! Fortunately, Josh is being cool and I'm going out to Chinese with him and his girlfriend.

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April 18, 2006 ; 4:44 pm
Okay, so maybe not!
mood: jubilant

Yeah, I just had a conversation with a nice lady named Kim from my Biostastics course. She works for the Army Corps of Engineers as an environmental consultant. I told her that I had considered getting a job with the EPA in the past and I asked her how she liked her current government job. She said that contrary to what everyone thinks of government jobs (poor pay, crappy hours, etc), she loves it. She said that they don't consider the benefits and the flexibility that comes with the job. Not only do they get 10 paid holidays off, but when you first start, you get 4 hours for every payperiod in paid leave. After three years, that becomes 6... after 15, it becomes 8. With 26 payperiods in a year... those hours add up. xD Also, since I'm going for my masters, I'll start at Grade 7 with quick career ladder to Grade 11 (there are 15 steps total)... and those steps pay pretty decently. 50-60K a year.

Yeah. I think I should be more realistic and think about getting a job with the EPA or some other government agency.

And yes, Ella, you would get the insurance benefits and whatnot, too. :P

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April 18, 2006 ; 8:40 am
Wow. Can't think of a title.
mood: rejuvenated

One again, it's been a rather long time since I've updated this thing. I seem to only update it when I really need to get my thoughts down on 'paper.' For the most part, I am doing well. Life in general is going quite well. But, it's not the present I'm concerned about. It's the future.

As most of you know by now, angelictears and I are moving down to Florida in a few months. Judging from the good time Ella is having with evening_muse down in Tampa at the moment, I think it's safe to say that it is going to be a good move for the both of us. Or at least, I hope it will be. I've been in communication with the professors at USF and they say they wish to meet with me next time I come down to Tampa. However, they're responses to my e-mails have been trite and I wonder about their sincerity. I know, I know. I shouldn't jump to conclusions about people based on a few letters but I can't help but be a bit... apprehensive. After all, it's possible that I will not be accepted to USF. If that were to be the case, I'm... not sure what I would do.

Nonetheless. I'm shouldn't and will not give up hope that easily. I need to make arrangements to head down to Tampa soon, like sometime in the month of May. The sooner this gets done, the better, I think. Maybe I can push for it after finals. Depends on how much the plane tickets are. That, and... you know, it would probably be a good idea to actually see the place in which I'm going to be living first, wouldn't it? x)

Also, I've added another possible career path to my list after having a discussion about it with Jaryllis. Veterinary school is look rather appealing. There is a vet school down in Florida attached to the University of Florida, and it looks rather nice. Also, by the time I would consider vet school, it would only cost 7,000 a year as opposed to 17,000 a year. x_x; There are still some courses I would have to take, though... I still need to take Genetics and Biochemistry. Hell, I should probably retake Organic chemistry and I'm thinking that summer courses would be a good idea for this. The first time I took O chem I took it at the same time as calculus. BAD. IDEA. Oh, yes. I should also retake Calculus. I have a feeling I can really do well in Calculus if I just take the time to actually study it. So, how many courses is that? Let's see. Genetics, Calculus, a year of O chem and Biochem. Looks liiiiike ... five courses. xD The vet program would take about 4 years and probably another year for internship. Five years really isn't that bad.

Of course, this idea could fade away much like the one about becoming an environmental lawyer. But there is a common theme in my career goals: they all either involve helping this Earth in some way or teaching people about said home. I've realized recently just how much this planet means to me. I've also realized there is a strong spiritual aspect to this... I know. Call me a hippie if you want, but I really do feel that way about this. I think despite my deep emergence into the world of science, I think there has always been a spiritual side to me... I just never really took the time actually put aside time and contemplate on it.

I think there is a lot more to this planet, this universe than can be measured with any sort of scientific instrument. No, I don't mean the mystical forces of gravity or dark matter, but there is just... something about the way the universe works that I don't think can ever be explained. I saw this recently when I was in east Tennessee this last Saturday and we were sampling for aquatic insects in this beautiful river, the Hiawasee. This was one of those idyllic mildly white water rivers with the river gently crashing over rocks and swift, deep runs. There is all kinds of life there, both big and small. I saw many birds flying over the river, feeding from it and drinking from it. The trees were growing their leaves and the river was roiling merrily along. Now, scientifically, you could explain how the river is the way it is, why the bird, the deer, and the bear are at the river, and explain why all those other forms of life were at this site. But not this time. Just sitting there watching it helped me realize that... everything can't be explained and nor does it need to be. There is something connecting it all and it is very beautiful and wonderful, indeed.

I think that is the main reason why I life studying life so much. So that I can more and more appreciate the beauty of it by learning how it works. Making the realization that there is no way I can possibly understand how everything works makes me appreciate the beauty of it even more. This is not just applied to biology, either. There some things of human nature, too. Faith, trust, laughter, ... and most importantly, love. I don't think such things can ever be explained, but only witnessed and felt. And that is just the way I want it, because I am there now, I am enjoying every moment of it.

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February 13, 2006 ; 9:22 pm
mood: shocked


Sorry, it has no real substance other than this. :)

Johari! and Nohari!

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